Atelier: Glam Events is not only wedding planning and events management.

Glam Events has also inaugurated “Le spose Glam Events atelier”, an ambitious project that combines the different skills of wedding planners and image consultants to create a totally renovated and innovative atelier concept.

Finding the right dress for a future bride requires many skills. It is not enough to make beautiful clothes. Advice from a style expert and image consultant must also come into play. The perfect wedding dress must perfectly interpret the style of the woman who will wear it, must fully represent her mood, her emotions. The wedding dress must represent the whole universe of moods that will accompany the bride on that day. The “perfect” bride is the Woman who will be able to play the role of Bride that day without upsetting her naturalness, remaining herself, thanks to the precious advice of the professionals.

The clothes we offer in our atelier must fully represent the bride. We take care of every detail to obtain a perfectly harmonious result. Beauty is the result of harmony and in order to emerge at its best we take care of every smallest detail. In our atelier, tailoring finds its benefit in the image consulting of the bride. Each tailor-made suit is the result of expert hands of tailors and a careful analysis of who should wear it. We always start from the individual style of the bride, her personality, her physicality and we proceed by creating a dress that really knows how to enhance all the strengths of the bride, hiding any critical issues.

Our team will then complete the service offered by our atelier, giving the future bride little Bon Ton pills and the bride’s behavioral label because style is not just what you wear but how you wear it!

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