“A better planet is a dream that begins to happen when each of us decides to improve ourselves.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Enhancement of own image

The course of Valorization of own image, proposed by Glam Events Academy, focuses on enhancing its strengths and on its ability to minimize weaknesses through a deep knowledge of its physicality.

Considering that only 7% of our communication is verbal, while 55% passes through appearance and 38% through body expression, it is clear that questioning oneself about own image is not a trivial matter, but it is a starting point for build a strong identity both from a personal and professional point of view.

Our image is constantly evolving, it is a set of different factors and different characteristics. The course can be very useful to improve one’s ability to communicate own image and to develop the useful tools to improve one’s way of appearing.

Shopping guide

The shopping guide, proposed by Glam Events Academy, is the best solution to make shopping a quality experience.

A course that will help you reinvent the wardrobe in the best way by buying the right clothes, the strategic ones to make countless combinations. Shopping is not just a question of budget. It is fundamental to have the ability to identify and choose the best, quality products that students can exploit to the fullest.

Furthermore, the clothes must represent our style and personality, making the most of our strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Through this course, it will be possible to learn:

  • what to buy
  • understand which the must-have items of the women and / or men’s wardrobe are
  • which colors to choose
  • which models to favor.

Good manners in relationships and at the table

The objective of the course is the knowledge of the rules of good manners in order to improve interpersonal relationships.

This course illustrates how to cultivate good manners in everyday life, not neglecting the table, which represents a very delicate convivial moment.

Style and bon ton are very important elements that allow you to avoid gaffes in public and improve your public image. Anyone who wants to feel safe in any situation of public life can attend this course.

You can consider it as an important tool for your personal growth and improvement.

Make up lessons

The make-up classes proposed by Glam Events Academy allow you to learn the secrets for a perfect make-up that can highlight the strengths of your face.

How to make-up as true make-up artists is a dream for everyone: but before you come across perfect shades and combinations of risky colors, it is essential to know the merits and defects of your face. Therefore, we know the strengths to bring out and the imperfections to camouflage.

Learning to put on make-up means enhancing the expressiveness of one’s face, showing one’s personality and one’s way of being.

It is important to be able to recreate through the make-up a recognizable and personal style, learning to play with colors and shades.

Tips and techniques to find a soul mate

Among the personal improvement courses, Glam Events Academy also offers the course Tips and techniques to find a soul mate. It is a path to start putting aside self-perpetuity and transforming one’s life into a book in which to be the protagonists.

To find the soul mate does not take the magic wand, but you have to put yourself in the right mental condition. It is not enough to wish to meet the soul mate, it is necessary to be mentally ready and open to the encounter.

Femininity and seduction lessons

The Glam Events Academy course of femininity and seduction is a moment to devote to the desire that every woman has to get involved, to discover and surprise herself.

It is a moment for every woman to overcome fears that she did not even know to have and to find new thrusts to her creativity and femininity, refining the art of seduction through practical exercises in the classroom.

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