Improving one’s appearance through the way of dressing, moving, presenting oneself can significantly change the way to perceive oneself, acquiring greater security and self-esteem.

Glam Events with its professional style coach deals with image consulting through an approach based on the respect and trust of its client.
Our image consultants always work in perfect synergy with customers who require advice because they defined the style according to the personality and lifestyle of each person.

Thanks to the use of techniques such as color and figure analysis, style, morphology of the face and various camouflage techniques, it is possible to enhance the image in a few steps, without invasive practices.

Our image consulting never imposes a style, but aims at the affirmation of a personal style that makes one feel comfortable, showing who we are and creating a visual story of our personal history.

  • Color analysis
  • Figure analysis
  • Style analysis
  • Consulenza make up
  • Make up advice
  • Post birth new fitness
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