“I would pay the ability to deal with people more than any other capacity in the world.”

John D. Rockfeller

Business etiquette

The Business Etiquette course, organized by Glam Events Academy, illustrates the rules and behaviors to follow in the business environment.

The Business Etiquette is, in fact, the etiquette of business, the set of rules, ceremonials, habits and customs that suggests to the manager the appropriate behavior for every work opportunity to transmit a positive image of his company, representing a significant advantage competitive compared to competitors. Discover the rules of Business Etiquette to have successful business relationships without compliance.

This course is for managers, entrepreneurs, professionals who in their work are in particular situations to avoid making a gaffe or having wrong behavior.

Glams events Academy will issue a certificate of participation.

Global business etiquette

Glam Events Academy’s Global Business Etiquette course highlights the importance of compliance with specific behavioral rules in international affairs.

The Global Business Etiquette is essential to manage relationships with clients and colleagues of different cultures. A course in Global Business Etiquette avoids the possibility of incurring unpleasant communication errors.

The course is also indispensable for business trips abroad. When visiting a foreign country for business it is essential to know the traditions of that place and understand its label. In the business world, it is always important to make a good first impression.

Many times a simple protocol error is enough, a detail that escapes, an attitude that is not appropriate and all the efforts already made to establish an optimal commercial relationship expire.

Successful business lunch

If it is true that the best business ends at the table, it is essential to know the good manners of the business etiquette related to food and the table. Glam Events Academy has created the successful Business Lunch course to learn the art of business lunch, exchange and start-up of important professional relationships.

The course is an excellent opportunity to learn the strategies to make new agreements or consolidate existing professional relationships, avoiding unexpected events and gaffes. The course is for managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who want to grow in the workplace in terms of image and personal safety.

Leadership & Personal Image

Glam Events Academy has created a course in Leadership and personal image based on the importance of having an image consistent with its role and with the company represented. It is good not to forget, in fact, that the image is the first business card even before you can communicate your own thought verbally.

The course of Leadership and personal image will help to enhance your skills in the management of employees, increasing your personal security, to know how to communicate in the most correct way and to lead a group with authority. Leadership is a fundamental characteristic for those who manage human resources.

*Glams events Academy will issue a certificate of participation.

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