The Personal Shopping service will allow you to look at shopping differently.

The personal shopper is a style adviser, a person able to interpret the tastes and preferences of their customers. Glam Events will guide you in the fantastic world of fashion to suggest purchases based on your personal style, your characteristics, your budget and your lifestyle.

Contacting a personal shopper can be the ideal choice for those who do not like going around shops alone, for those who never know what to buy or for those who do not have time to go shopping.

The personal shopping service will allow you to look at shopping differently. It will be a bit like having a consultant tailored to your purchases, always informed about the latest trends.

In the case of a particularly important occasion, the personal shopper will help you to purchase the clothes or objects that best suit your needs, without exceeding the budget and optimizing your time. It is very important to get in synergy with our customers. In this way, we can better understand the tastes and personal style to advise the best and drive in shopping.

It will be much more than just shopping. It will be a real and exclusive experience to discover unique, particular objects suitable for your style. By guiding you in shopping, we will also advise you in defining your style, suggesting some must-have details. We can entirely tailor the personal shopping experience to your needs and based on your time available.

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