Starting from Milan and operating throughout Italy, Glam Events’ strong point is the cult of beauty and the pursuit of glamor.

Interpreting beauty to satisfy the soul through the senses: Glam Events aims to bring beauty into every new work to arouse wonder.

Glam Events is a laboratory of ideas, a workshop in continuous ferment where the designers can realize their creativity thanks to the aim of achieving the objectives in full respect of the budget and timing. That is the only way to achieve results characterized by freshness, innovation and irony.

Our aim is to create indelible memories in the memory, creating unique, original events full of innovative ideas. We love to dwell on the details, those small details that tell the uniqueness of the moment, which reflect the emotions and moods. Everything must contribute to the expression of emotions and the beauty of the moment.

Through the attention and care of every detail, so dreamed and desired atmospheres come to life. Main strong point is the highly creative team, reliable and always updated on the latest trends.

Glam Events is not a service agency, but a business partner based on transparency and mutual knowledge based on collaboration with customers.

Cristina Bruno

Melania Bruno

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