Corporate events require the utmost attention and strategic organization.

Glam Events employs a specialized team that follows the company step by step in order to create an event that fully represents the company’s goal and spirit. We pay particular attention to every little detail, from the choice of the venue to the actual day of the event.

In corporate events, what the company wants to transmit is what must always emerge. Bringing a corporate event to life can help the company redefine its position on the market, thus consolidating its social identity and increasing its visibility.

You make your business great; we make your event great!

Glam events takes care of::

  • concept design of the event
  • creation and sending of invitations
  • search f0r tue venue / conference venue
  • catering service
  • stewardess service
  • interpreting Service
  • hotel reservation for guests
  • transfer for guests
  • entertainment
  • photoshoot
  • audio-visual recording service
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